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Great tales of Cuba!

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Jim’s articles and editorials on Cuba have appeared in the NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune among many others.

He has published an anthology about his Cuba travels in Swimming to Guantanamo - From Elian to Obama, A decade under the U.S. Embargo now available on Amazon.
As a journalist and documentary film maker, Jim Ryerson has been cultivating his unique connections in the Cuban art, music and culture communities for nearly 20 years. These connections create a one-of-a-kind guided experience for travel to Cuba.

Jim has lived among Cubans on the island, and his contacts with everyday Cubans offers an insight not found on other tours. His hosted trips are exclusive, comfortable, safe, people-to-people fun with music, arts and cultural discovery.

In sharing these connections creates a unique experience for your travel to Cuba. His goal is to deliver exciting encounters for those who not only have an interest in travel to Cuba, but seek to learn and be exposed to Cuban history, culture, music and, most importantly, its people.
Cultivating his unique connections in Cuba’s art, music and culture community Jim was there to share the excitement of President Obama's historic announcement with his Cuban friends.

“I was on the island when President Obama lifted the travel ban, it was a moment I had anticipated for years and knew it would change lives” said Ryerson. “I am so pleased to have this opportunity to share the Cuba I’ve come to know and love with others.”