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For more than a decade, people have been asking me about Cuba. After more than 30 trips to the island, I became the go-to guy for Americans wanting to know more about the mysterious island just 90 miles off our shores. When Cuba came up in conversation and people found out that I traveled there regularly, they were eager to know more.  When I told them about a friendly, extremely safe place, they were usually surprised.  But that should be no surprise. 50 years of anti-Cuba propaganda has most Americans so confused as to what happens on the island that many still think the Cubans are the ones who developed the travel ban and embargo.

It was that sort of ignorance by intelligent, caring Americans that caused us to develop Cubaconnections.org. With several bills in this session of the U.S. Congress to end the Travel Ban, an estimated 1 million Americans could travel to Cuba in the first year they are permitted to go. We want to be part of this movement. We know Cuba and the Cubans who live there. They are part of our company We want Americans to be able to experience this beautiful, peaceful island, but to understand that this is a system that is very different from ours. 

Jim Ryerson

Editor In Chief

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